Monday, May 22, 2006

Always getting better

These fine fellows are a couple of the villains for the show I am developing. Its taken a bit to finish but I'm fairly happy with it, (for now).....
Through my career, like most, I've kept drawings that I thought would boost my portfolio and show off my skills, only to go back and look at them a few months later and say to myself, "What was I thinking? These are awful!" I used to get really depressed and embarrassed when I realized this was what I had sent around to get jobs. But then it dawned on me, that's a good thing. If I was to look at a drawing I did two years ago and thought it was amazing today then that's bad. I must have got better if I think something I did not too long looks sub-par. Now I look at it a different way. I'm glad to dig through all the old stuff and throw some of it out and replace it with new, (hopefully better) stuff. It's invigourating to see yourself improve so keep on drawing, painting, doodling or whatever it is you do!

Slow going

Here's another image for the show about the kids "inner thoughts". This is one of the first ones I did since then I have got a lot faster, (or better yet, not as slow). It still takes me quite a long time to finish an image, (this one took about two days). I have noticed a change in my speed since then and hope that it will continue to get better. That's the thing about teaching yourself; I'm fairly certain there is a faster way to do it but what that is, I don't know. I've always been able to learn quickly when others have been kind enough to take the time to show me some "tricks". I'm grateful for the help I've received from all the people that know more than me, (and that's about everyone). Thanks!

Monday, May 15, 2006

Taking the time...

These are some designs for a kids show I did some work on, (backgrounds only). I was asked to keep things simple and easy to read. The top one, (blue) is what happens when you eat candy right before bedtime.... NIGHTMARES! The bottom two, (orange) are 1. the real world, and 2. inside the mind of the kid imaging what would happen if he disobeyed his mother.You never really get the time you want to spend on a design which, after quickly learning, may be the reason the way some things look really slick or roughly pasted together. I now know the more time you take at the beginning of a project the more problems and headaches you save at the end. Plus, if you start with something fairly inspiring hopefully the person after you feed off that and is excited to add their own improvements, (and so forth through the process).

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Spaghetti West

Here's an image that I did for a show idea I am working on. I did a rough sketch, scanned it and coloured it in Photoshop. I'm going to try for a mono-chromatic look for all the characters. Who knows, maybe something will come out of it.

Here's the plan

Hey everybody! Welcome to the Bionic Socks Animation blog. I'm glad you've taken the time to check it out! My intentions are simple.... I wish to share my drawings and experiences with you and I would like you to do the same. If you have any thoughts, comments or cool drawings you would like to show off then this is the place.
I know what its like to have no one to turn to for advice or suggestions on how to improve my skills. I figure there must be a million other people out there in the same boat so why not share our techniques, experiences or stories with each other?
I'll do my part the best I can. Here I go. I'm a Sheridan Animation grad, (way back in 1995) and have worked at Disney Feature Animation, (Burbank California) Disney Direct to Video, (Sydney Australia) and C.O.R.E. Feature Animation right here in Toronto! All that adds up to over 10 years of experience and a fair number of credits.
I'm an old school 2D Layout artist but have also done a lot of "workbooking", storyboards and for the last 2.5 years- CG. The one thing that has stayed consistant over my career is the desire to get better. If I ever got content with how I draw, I would get really nervous. There's waaay too much to learn to think you've learned it all.
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