Monday, October 23, 2006

A Friend Made Me Do It.....

Never, EVER underestimate the power of peer pressure. Check this guy out... (Steve Deane on the right column). Don't judge him too harshly because he's Irish.

Friday, October 20, 2006


Here's the Heroine for a show I'm doin'. Hope you like it........

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Expand Your Mind

Just something I'm workin' on

Making the switch to 3D from 2D was a bit daunting. Would I be able to learn the software? How would my 2D skills relate? Could I understand the technical aspect, (for those of you that know me, you'll understand my concern). Would I have to start over and re-learn everything I knew to cope. The answer was no. The leap proved quite simple because of my 2D background. Because I had that basic knowledge the only thing that changed was putting down the pencil and picking up a mouse. Sure, computers and their software are immensely frustrating but that was about the worst of it, (my pencil never crashed). Anyone can learn the software. All packages do about the same thing but with different names. That's what was frustrating to me. Some people were reluctant to switch from software A to B. Why? How could this hurt them? They were already familiar with 3D. Sure, they'll be a little slow at the start but if they have the basic skills the speed will come. For the first three months my head was swimming but shortly after I had a handle on things and it was smooth sailing after that.
I guess what I'm taking along time to say is, Expand your mind, learn more about more. It can't hurt, (for long).

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Work Ethic

Another image for the show I'm developing.

This is something that is really, really important to me. If I had to choose between two people- one that was new to the industry but had a lot of potential and probably more importantly the drive to get better- or- one that was super talented and experienced but came in at 11 and left by 5 and tended to bring moral down with a negative attitude, I would obviously choose the first. There's more to being great in the industry than just being the best animator, storyboarder, modeler etc. If you are enthusiastic, driven and focused on improving; show up on time, work hard and contribute then that will get you a lot farther than, well, you all know the types. I'd rather not focus too much on the negative. I may sound a bit corny but it really does matter and it will only make your experience better no matter where you are.

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