Sunday, March 16, 2008

Juggling Act

Juggling home life, work and family is definitely a juggling act. Everyone does it no matter what their career choices are. Lately, my personal juggling routine has been increased, (I think someone added another ball to keep in the air). Its interesting to see how much you can keep functioning before the wheels fall of and everything comes crashing down. That may seem a bit extreme but there has to be a load level that someone can handle. Every one's tolerance is different but they all have an amount that is comfortable.
That's the strange thing about animation. There is no other industry that works long hours, goes home late, sits down and does the exact thing they were doing all day. Doctors don't take their patients home. Police don't go home and patrol their neighborhood. Cab driver's don't drive their friends around for fun. There is a strange passion that comes along with animation. I don't know one person that that treats animation as a "9 to 5" job. The amount of amazing artwork on thousands of blogs and web pages is the proof. Those images are just the things they did for fun, or as a practise or experiments on their own time. I love that.
I guess its that passion that keeps the industry fueled and creative. Just be sure it doesn't take over your life and you miss the other more important parts of life.

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