Thursday, September 18, 2008

R and R

The family and I recently spent a week at a cottage in the Muskoka's for some good old rest and relaxation. It was a little late in a pretty dismal summer so we got a lot of rain. We did take advantage of the good weather when it peeked out from behind the clouds, (albeit it to rare). We fished, hiked, swam, hiked and I almost had to fight a bear to defend my better half- but thats a story for another time. And not a very good one. Stories that have "I almost" in them usually don't amount to much.
Anyway, to keep themselves occupied during the rain, my oldest son brought a tackle box full of markers, crayon, chalk and paint. I even managed to sneak in some ink and pen nibs for myself.
During one of our indoor retreats from the weather Justin quietly slipped away and created one of the nicest drawings I've seen him do. It's a picture of himself roasting a marshmallow on the fire under a crescent moon, (thats the curvy thing at top left). The fire is on the bottom left with the embers flying off the top of it. Mind you, he is only 5 so for the harsh critics out there, be nice or I will find you. Seriously. I'll find you.
I knew I had to put it up on the blog for others to see. Oh yeah, here is one of the doodles I did. Its a view from one of the many windows in the cottage. Personally, I think Justin's is better. You be the judge.
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