Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Well, lets face it, I'm getting older. I know, I know, I was surprised too. As I age, the decisions I have to make take longer to come to me. Its not because my grey matter is going all moldy and soft, (but that would explain some things) but rather I have more to consider in making a big decision. Thats just it, I feel a big decision coming and I find myself weighing the consequences of it. I have a wife, kids, mortgage, family and friends to consider into the equation as well because the decisions I make now will in some way, big or small, effect them.
My career has taken me to places I thought I would never see, allowed me opportunities I never thought existed and introduced me to people that have become good friends. Maybe thats how I should be thinking right now- an opportunity but I can't help thinking of all the other things that will be effected. For now, it seems like they are winning but for how long? Anyone have any ideas? I could use the insight.

Wow, that was depressing. Sorry. Here's a image I made for my oldest son by request. He was right into the new Spider-man series for a while and asked for this drawing specifically. Man, when he get and idea, he knows what he wants. As for now, he is addicted to Avatar and who can blame him.

Talk to ya'll later,


Blogger Tobias Schwarz said...

heavy thoughts, man. I wish you all the best. If in doubt, opt for your family! They are worth it. Tobs

March 03, 2009  
Anonymous Scott said...

Wow Shawn, looks like you're having a lot of the same thoughts as I am right now. Jodi and I are planning for some big changes in the next year (even with a mortgage and nearly 2 kids) I'm slowly working at my change. Like you said it just takes a little longer with a wife and kids. But they make it all work it.

Now back to working on my comics (and future life).

March 05, 2009  
Blogger luis antonio said...

hi shawn
I´m luis from batallon
the one with the ducks story
well if you want to make your future shine and keep working in animations
you should animate the floppy and duck stories and we go 50 and 50
get slumie dogie millionaries and we can help lots of people
what you think?

March 25, 2009  
Blogger luis antonio said...

by the way, how are you

he, he,
how polite I was

best regards

March 25, 2009  
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June 23, 2016  

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