Monday, August 17, 2009

Finding your place

For the last few months I have been back working at a large studio. For most of my career I have worked in a studio with hundreds of artists, TD's, facilities, HR and management all under one giant roof. It is easy to get lost or looked over in such a big place with so many faces. I am encountering this problem right now.
Previously I worked, (for the first time) in a relatively small studio with a core crew of about 20-25- all in. You know everyone and they know you. Your skills and desires are also known so you get the chance to so a little bit of everything and because the crew is small, you get to try things you would never get the chance to normally just because there is no one else to do it! I loved that. I have become what I affectionately call myself and others in the same position, "Swiss Army Knives". We have a tool for pretty much anything you need.
Now, the problem I currently face is letting others known what I am. My background is in layout and that's what I get called upon to do most often but I don't want to be pegged as the "layout guy". I have a lot of other tools tucked away that need only to be flipped out and used. So, I think I need to be more, ummm..... vocal? Boisterous? Visible? In you face? Or any other of those cliche terms that are used. It is too easy to be lost in the crowd so I need to make myself stand out. I'm not normally the type of person that spreads that word of ME but perhaps I need to start, just a little. Hey, if it is taken wrongly, I can just disappear back into the crowd right?
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